Fitzpatrick Applauds Senate Approval of No Budget, No Pay

Jan 31, 2013 Issues: Spending Cuts and Debt


WASHINGTON, DC - Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) applauded the passage of a House-approved measure containing No Budget, No Pay by the Senate this afternoon.
"After four years without passing a budget, it is encouraging to see the Senate join the House in sending No Budget, No Pay to the President for his signature," said Fitzpatrick.  "Having been an advocate for No Budget, No Pay for the past year, I am proud to see that Congress will not be paid if it fails to do its job - just as the hardworking men and women of the 8th District would not be paid if they failed to do theirs."
The Senate passed this afternoon a measure to extend the debt ceiling through May 18 which included No Budget, No Pay. 
A project spearheaded by No Labels, of which Fitzpatrick is an initial member, No Budget No Pay will withhold the pay of Members of the House and Senate until each body has passed their respective budget resolutions.
Fitzpatrick concluded, "Now the House and Senate must get to work on producing a budget plan that  addresses our growing debt and deficits.  As it has for the last two years, the House will offer a serious proposal aimed at tackling the fiscal challenges we face as a nation.  I am hopeful that the Senate will join us in our efforts."