Fitzpatrick: "Be Informed, Be Prepared"

Oct 26, 2012


LANGHORNE, PA - Congressman Fitzpatrick emphasized to the constituents of Pennsylvania's 8th Congressional District this afternoon to prepare for the potential impact of Hurricane Sandy.
"As Hurricane Sandy makes its way up the coast over the weekend, residents of Bucks, Montgomery and Philadelphia counties must take this time to prepare for its potential impact," said Fitzpatrick.  "While the final path of the storm remains unknown, I am urging residents, especially those in flood-prone communities, to take all necessary precautions.  Please take this storm seriously."
"I have been in touch with officials at all levels of government to ensure that preparation and relief efforts are coordinated as effectively as possible.  I will continue to monitor this situation closely and provide what support I can in the coming days and weeks."
Citing a number of federal resources, Fitzpatrick recommended constituents familiarize themselves with emergency procedures and preparedness strategies.
"The Federal Emergency Management Agency has made available useful resources and suggestions on how to deal with a variety of potential emergency situations as a result of Hurricane Sandy, and I encourage you to review them and share them with friends, family, and neighbors."
Links to FEMA websites are available at