Fitzpatrick Draws Focus to Healthcare Broken Promises, Broken Website

Oct 25, 2013 Issues: Congressional Issues, Health
Fitzpatrick Draws Focus to Healthcare Broken Promises, Broken Website

LANGHORNE, PA – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-8) blasted the shortcomings of the President’s healthcare law and its implementation in a press call Friday, highlighting its effects on district residents and the flawed technology of

“It’s no secret the roll out of the President’s healthcare law has been a disaster – from broken websites to broken promises this law is taking on water and sinking fast, taking hardworking Americans with it,” said Fitzpatrick. “If the Administration can’t get a website right, how can they possibly be trusted to manage one fifth of the nation’s economy?”

Joining Fitzpatrick on the call was Doylestown-based Information Technology professional Chuck Christenson and Bucks County resident and small business owner Scott Randolph. Both Christenson and Scott Randolph brought with them unique perspectives on the law and its roll out.

“Right away, I could tell- regardless of the technology- that there were poor methodologies in the project management,” said Christenson of the $500 million-plus job. “There was no testing – that’s something we heard in the testimony on Capitol Hill. It just boggles my mind that you could take a project of this magnitude and not test it.”

“I had a plan, I loved it, but on October 1st I got a notice that said my health insurance is going to more than triple. Starting January 1, essentially the same plan will go up to over $800… the subsidy I qualify for is a whopping $80,” said Randolph, a Southampton-resident and father of two. “I am deeply disappointed that the President guaranteed, ‘If you like your plan you can keep it’. Well the fact is, I can keep my plan, I just can’t afford my plan now – and I loved my plan!”               

In a letter sent Friday (below), Fitzpatrick called on President Obama to delay the individual mandate for one year.

“I ask you today, joining members from both parties in both chambers, to delay the individual mandate of the ACA. Doing so would be a step in the right direction for American families and businesses being harmed by the rocky rollout of this legislation,” the letter reads. “You said you would negotiate once government was fully funded and operational - now is the time to address bipartisan ideas for improvement.”

Since it’s unveiling, has been plagued by glitches which have crippled the enrollment process and shaken faith in the functionality of the law. A Forbes report says more Americans in three states have hand their insurance cancelled under the ACA than have filed an exchange account in all 50 total. Equally disturbing, a CBS News report highlighted that, in some cases, people could end up paying double the price they see on the website.

“This isn’t a Republican or Democrat issue, this is an American issue and it’s one that we’re feeling effects from in every sector of our country – from jobs and the economy to the size and scope of government,” added Fitzpatrick. “Now is the time for the President to lead – not with politics and rhetoric, but with actual action that’s in the best interest of all Americans.”


Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick is serving his third term in the U.S. House of Representatives. He represents Pennsylvania’s 8th district which includes all of Bucks County as well as a portion of Montgomery County. He serves as the Vice Chairman of the House Financial Services Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigations.