Fitzpatrick Joins President in Making STOCK Act Law

Apr 5, 2012 Issues: Congressional Issues


WASHINGTON, DC. –  Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick joined President Obama this morning in signing the Stop Trading on Congressional Knowledge (STOCK) Act into law.  Congressman Fitzpatrick was an early cosponsor of the STOCK Act, and has actively advocated for its swift passage.

"I was proud to join the President this morning in signing this important reform legislation sent to him by the House and Senate," said Fitzpatrick.  "The STOCK Act represents the first step in a necessary process to reform the way the federal government and Members of Congress conduct themselves.  I have taken a lead on a set of government reform bills which I urge my colleagues in the House and Senate to pursue with me and send them to the President's desk."

Congressman Fitzpatrick supports the passage of the following government reform bills:

H.J. Res. 96 - Introduced an amendment to the Constitution establishing term limits for Members of Congress.  This resolution would send to the states a constitutional amendment that would limit members of the House to four terms and members of the Senate to two

H.R. 3738 - Introduced a bill to extend to two years the amount of time a former Member of Congress must wait to become a registered lobbyist.  Currently, the "cooling off" period for a Senator is two years while a member of the House is one

H.R. 187 - Congressional Pay Reform Act of 2011 - this bill would eliminate the automatic pay raise for Members of Congress and would require that any pay adjustments be adopted only by a recorded vote so as to reflect the vote of each Member

H.R. 2913 - Terminates a Member of Congress' ability to pay into a defined benefit pension plan.  Members of Congress can still contribute to their 401k, making their benefits conform more to the private sector