Fitzpatrick Urges Federal Hurricane Relief for Local Governments

Nov 2, 2012


LANGHORNE, PA - In two letters to the Administration, Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick (PA-08) has called  on the federal government to provide Pennsylvania with "the full complement of support to which it is entitled" as our communities continue to recover from the devastating effects of Hurricane Sandy.
Citing the extensive preparations made in advance of Hurricane Sandy's landfall, Fitzpatrick urged the Administration to reconsider its denial of funding for the costs associated with the pre-landfall storm preparations as extraordinary measures were taken to protect the lives and property of residents in advance of the unprecedented storm.  
"Pennsylvania responded to the evident urgency of the situation by taking all available measures to prepare for impact and protect the lives and property of the citizens of the Commonwealth,” wrote Congressman Fitzpatrick,” In accordance with responsible and smart disaster management, Pennsylvania procured and pre-staged supplies, equipment, and response teams where it appeared they would be most needed. These measures taken in preparation for the storm... may not be reimbursed by the Federal government…” 
"Due to the extensive impact of the storm, the significant damages within the Commonwealth, and the necessity of taking extraordinary measures to prepare for this unprecedented and dangerous weather event, I respectfully ask that you give every consideration to this request,” continued Fitzpatrick, “I urge your involvement in ensuring that Pennsylvania receives the full complement of support to which it is fairly entitled."
Fitzpatrick sent two letters to the Administration.  The first letter sent was sent on October 30th upon learning of the denial while 200,000 residents of the 8th Congressional District remain without power while the second letter is a group letter from members of the Pennsylvania Congressional delegation.