Statement from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick on the FY 2013 Budget Resolution


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Fitzpatrick issued the following statement today on Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Resolution proposed by the House Budget Committee:

"Today, the House Budget Committee released its second budget in two years.  This budget outlines several goals: putting Americans back to work, protecting our nation's seniors and ending the era of unsustainable budget deficits."  

"By reforming our broken tax code, eliminating wasteful spending and protecting and strengthening retirement security programs for today's seniors and for our children and grandchildren, this budget is a serious proposal to set our nation on a path to fiscal stability and economic prosperity."

"The House Budget Committee has put its plan on the table.  I urge the Senate to join the conversation with their own proposal - something they have failed to do in nearly three years."

The Fiscal Year 2013 Budget Proposal:

  • Cuts government spending to protect hardworking taxpayers
  • Tackles the drivers of our debt, so our troops don’t pay the price for Washington’s failure to take action;
  • Restores economic freedom and ensures a level playing field for all by putting an end to special-interest favoritism and corporate welfare
  • Reverses the President’s policies that drive up gas prices, and instead promotes an all-of the-above strategy for unlocking American energy production to help lower costs, create jobs, and reduce dependence on foreign oil.
  • Strengthens health and retirement security by taking power away from government bureaucrats and empowering patients instead with control over their own care;
  • Reforms our broken tax code to spur job creation and economic opportunity by lowering rates, closing loopholes, and putting hardworking taxpayers ahead of special interests.