Statement from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick on the President's FY2013 Budget Proposal


LANGHORNE, Pa. – Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick issued the following statement today on the President's FY2013 Budget Proposal:

"For the fourth straight year, President Obama has proposed a budget which would have the federal government spend over $1 Trillion more than it takes in.  This budget proposal marks the latest disappointment since the President promised the American people in February 2009 that he would cut the deficit in half by the end of his first term."

"There are certain budget priorities that the President and I share, including our commitment to adequate funding for transportation and infrastructure, cracking down on Chinese trade manipulation as well as securing benefits for our returning soldiers from Iraq and Afghanistan.  However, the President's budget proposal raises taxes on job creators, fails to rein in federal spending, ignores the challenges facing mandatory spending programs, and leaves our children and grandchildren with a crushing debt burden."

"Higher taxes and out-of-control deficits for the foreseeable future threaten to weaken our already fragile economy.  We must pursue policies which provide small-business job creators with the security they need to drive a real and lasting economic recovery. I am hopeful that a bipartisan agreement can be reached and we are able to pass a budget this year that addresses our pressing needs while putting our nation on a course towards fiscal stability and economic growth."