Statement from Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick on Repeal of the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB)

Mar 22, 2012 Issues: Health


WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Fitzpatrick issued the following statement today on the passage of H.R. 5, the Protecting Access to Healthcare (PATH) Act, legislation which he has cosponsored and advocated for on the floor of the House.  This legislation repeals the Independent Payment Advisory Board created by the President's healthcare reform.

"Over the course of the last two years since the President signed his Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act into law, bipartisan opposition to many portions of this legislation has steadily grown in this chamber.  

I have called for a full repeal of the entire law, however, it is vital that the most damaging sections be repealed immediately.  One of the most clearly flawed aspects of the Affordable Care Act is the creation of the Independent Payment Advisory Board.

As the House puts forward ideas to protect and save Medicare, the Administration has decided it can better serve seniors by cutting Medicare by more than $575 billion to create a panel of unelected, unaccountable Washington bureaucrats tasked with cutting Medicare even further.  

More than 230 of my colleagues in the House and over 380 groups representing doctors, patients and employers have joined me in my opposition to the IPAB.   I urge the Senate and President to stand with us against this overreach of government authority."