"Rosie the Riveter" is on the frontlines again, this time winning the battle to pass a bill honoring Riveters' efforts during World War II.

The American women who rolled up their sleeves and joined the workforce during WWII are finally getting the recognition they deserve after a Congressional Gold Medal Act passed on Thursday.

"These 'Rosie the Riveters' embodied the 'We can do it' spirit forever connected with the famous poster. I am especially proud to represent Levittown's Mae Krier," Republican Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick said in a statement, according to ABC News' Meredith Deliso.

The bill honoring the women who helped build B-17s and B-29s bombers at Boeing will now go to the desk of President Donald Trump. The Congressional Gold Medal he will award will commemorate the efforts of some 16 million American women.

Recent work done by some of the original "riveters" include making masks for use during the current pandemic.