Republican Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick has introduced legislation this week that would support American manufacturing and incentivize businesses to increase domestic production.

House Resolution 3850, known as the Made in America Act of 2017, would create a voluntary, standardized labeling program that would allow consumers to easily identify the extent to which products are American-made.

“American manufacturing means American jobs. People in my community understand that when they buy American they’re not only buying quality products, they’re helping American businesses – and American workers – in their neighborhoods and across the country,” said Fitzpatrick. “The Made in America Act would connect American consumers to American manufacturers like never before by creating a definitive, standardized definition of American-made goods. I’m grateful for the support of Congresswoman Sinema in working to advance this bipartisan priority.”

The Made in America Act would encourage and educate consumers on buying “Made In America” products by creating an ‘America Star Program’ similar to the successful Energy Star and USDA Certified Organic programs. The new voluntary program would encourage manufacturers to meet certain domestic manufacturing benchmarks, show the percentage of the product made in the U.S.A., while providing consumers with an easy way to identify American made products. The Federal Trade Commission would be responsible for overseeing the development of the guidelines, labeling and enforcement. The legislation has been referred to the House Committee on Energy and Commerce.

According to ABC News, our nation has become addicted to imports. In 1960, foreign goods made up just 8 percent of Americans’ purchases. Today, nearly 60 percent of products bought is produced overseas.