Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick voted Yes on Monday’s Government Funding and COVID-19 Relief package, calling it “long overdue.”

In a statement, Fitzpatrick said the package “will deliver real results to those who need it most.” However, he was displeased with the time table, adding “Congress left the American people in limbo” for months.

“As we enter a new Congress,” said Fitzpatrick, “we have so much more work to do and we must continue to have good faith, bipartisan discussions to meet the needs of our constituents quickly and effectively.”

The bill includes a reopening and extension of the Paycheck Protection Program with $284.5 billion. This comes with tax deductibility.

Small businesses will have a chance to get a second round of PPP loans. They must have less than 300 employees and be able to demonstrate a 25 percent drop in revenue.

The package also has $600 in stimulus checks for adults and qualifying dependents. A family of four making under $150,000 could receive $2,400. The amount also changes based on

Another part of the package is an extra $300 per week through mid-March for unemployment. It also extends a program for self-employed and gig workers.

Overall, the bill is over 5,500 pages long and includes dozens of provisions. It covers education funding, an extension on an eviction moratorium, extension for county and local governments to use coronavirus relief funds, $20 billion to cover the cost of vaccines, and more.

Fitzpatrick also said most of the provisions would not have been included without the work of the Problem Solvers Caucus.

“Our Problem Solvers Caucus has worked hard for months, bringing all sides to the table, and developing a comprehensive COVID-19 relief framework and package that will deliver real results to those who need it most,” said Fitzpatrick. “This deal simply would not have happened without my colleagues on the Problem Solvers Caucus, who once again took the lead in forging consensus to bring people together to get this done.”