PHILADELPHIA (CBS) –– A pair of area Congressmen, from both sides of the aisle, plan to show unity after the shooting in Virginia.

Dwight Evans, a Democrat from Philadelphia, and Brian Fitzpatrick, a Republican from Bucks County, will be side-by-side in the stands at the Congressional Baseball Game  Thursday night.

Evans says it’s the right thing to do.

“We must send a message that we are united together,” said Evans.

The congressmen released a joint statement saying “regardless of party affiliation or political ideology, we stand united in love of country and commitment to service.”

Lawmakers from both sides of the aisle have done this before, at State of The Union addresses, for example. And so Evans says they need to show that bipartisanship isn’t a one-time deal.

“It happens when people constantly remind themselves of why we’re here,” said Evans.

Evans and Fitzpatrick are on the house small business committee. Fitzpatrick says they’ve become friends and that makes a huge difference.

“We build personal relationships first. One that’s based on mutual respect, and everything else comes second,” said Fitzpatrick. “The work comes so much easier because you respect the person and their perspective and you want to include their ideas.”

They’re urging other members of Congress to do what they’re doing. They are also urging President Trump to attend.

Congressman Mike Doyle from Pittsburgh, the manager of the Democratic baseball team, says now, members of both parties can really set the tone.

“We can change the mood of this country so that people don’t get filled up with this kind of hatred,” he said.

Evans and Fitzpatrick echo those thoughts saying they hope the spirit of bipartisanship continues once the game is over.