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In The News Oct 2, 2017

A bill introduced this week by Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-8, of Middletown, would make clear to customers that the products they purchase came from an American factory.

In The News Sep 29, 2017

A little over a month ago, President Trump announced his intention to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency. He was right—it is an emergency. Drug overdoses killed almost 54,000 people in 2015, and the majority of those deaths involved an opioid. Last year about 12 million Americans misused an opioid, and the overdose death toll rose to 65,000.

In The News Sep 27, 2017

Drug dealers and addicts don't necessarily respect state borders when trying to obtain opioids and other narcotics illicitly from physicians and pharmacies.

In The News Sep 25, 2017

The idea for a special area in Doylestown Borough to remember the ultimate sacrifice made by Bucks County men and women fighting the global war on terror first took shape in 2009, but it was not until Saturday that Freedom Square truly felt complete.

In The News Sep 15, 2017

On Thursday, the U.S. House passed a bill backed by a Central Florida Democrat to fund workshops for federal, state and local first responders training them to respond to terrorist attacks. 

In The News Sep 14, 2017

The 16 anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks began the week while Washington, DC will end the week with hope.

In The News Sep 13, 2017

As partisan battles rage in Washington at the onset of the new administration, a struggle in our own communities quietly, and lethally, continues.

In The News Sep 8, 2017

The Framers of our Constitution intended the House of Representatives to be the ‘People’s House’—an institution directly accountable to the electorate through more frequent, localized elections.

In The News Sep 8, 2017

Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick, R-8, Middletown, joined a bipartisan group of federal legislators to introduce a bill designed to enhance training and education opportunities through apprenticeships.

In The News Sep 7, 2017

The United States' immigration policy is a convoluted mess of laws that can only be straightened out through the legislative branch, said Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick.