Washington, DC—Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08) issued the following statement on Secretary Mattis:

            “Secretary Mattis served our nation with distinction, honor, and integrity for nearly fifty years. His bravery and leadership have protected American safety at home and projected American stability abroad. For that, our nation owes him a sincere debt of gratitude.

I share Secretary Mattis’ clear understanding of America’s allies and adversaries. We must pursue policies that strengthen NATO and our other global partnerships. We must recognize that Russia and other authoritarian regimes seek to undermine our stabilizing role in the world.

We must not allow a series of unforced policy errors to endanger our homeland, alienate our allies, and empower our foes.  Congress must embrace its constitutional duty to hold the executive branch accountable in all matters of national security.

I urge the President to select a new Secretary of Defense, who emulates Secretary Mattis’ respect for long held global agreements and democratic ideals.”