How can Congressman Fitzpatrick help me with a Federal Agency?
As your federal representative, Congressman Fitzpatrick is authorized, with your permission, to make inquiries on your behalf to federal agencies. While Congressman Fitzpatrick cannot guarantee a positive outcome, our office will support your inquiry to the fullest extent possible. Although the office does not possess decision-making authority over the respective federal agency, the Congressman will ensure you receive fair and thorough consideration.

  • Who can Congressman Fitzpatrick help with a Federal Agency?
    • Congressman Fitzpatrick can make inquiries on behalf of any resident of the 1st Congressional District in Pennsylvania.
  • Specifically, what types of inquiries Congressman Fitzpatrick can make on my behalf?
    • Congressman Fitzpatrick can contact any Federal Agency that operates under the Federal Government. These include, but are not limited to:
      • Social security
      • Veterans Affairs
      • Medicare
      • Healthcare Marketplace
      • Passports
      • Internal Revenue Service
      • United States Postal Service
      • Information on federal student loans or other forms of financial aid
      • Immigration issues

Additionally, Congressman Fitzpatrick is pleased to provide military nominations, flag requests, and visits to our nation’s Capital. For state agencies like PennDOT, our office would be happy to put you in contact with your state-elected officials.

  • What does Congressman Fitzpatrick need from me to make an inquiry?
    • Congressman Fitzpatrick’s office requires a signed privacy release form, which includes a detailed explanation of your concern before he can make an inquiry.
  • Can Congressman Fitzpatrick help me with a legal dispute?
    • Congressman Fitzpatrick is not authorized to make an inquiry regarding legal disputes, including: child care, child custody, divorce, family court, criminal offenses, or civil litigation matters. In addition, no member of his staff is authorized to provide legal advice or recommend an attorney. For legal questions, please contact the Bucks County Bar Association at (215)-348-9413 or the Montgomery County Bar Association at (610) 279- 9660.
  • Can Congressman Fitzpatrick “speed up” the agency process?
    • Congressman Fitzpatrick will make his best effort to expedite an agency request. However, most cases must adhere to the standard timeline. If you believe your case represents an extreme hardship, please let him know in advance. 

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