BUCKS COUNTY, PA -- On Monday, March 20, 2023, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) announced the Bucks County Department of Mental Health and Developmental Programs received a Community Project Funding (CPF) grant for the Forensic Diversion, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Facility. The CPF was introduced by Congressman Fitzpatrick into the FY2022 Consolidated Appropriations Act as a part of the Community Project Funding program. This new initiative allows Members of Congress to target federal funds towards projects and programs within their congressional districts that will address the most significant needs facing the communities they represent.

The project was selected because it will assist the County of Bucks to build a facility that can provide assistance where individuals with mental illness can be identified and diverted earlier in their acute illness episode and bypass hospital emergency rooms, never enter the jail, and gain the treatment and resources necessary to step-down into community living, with support. The Forensic Diversion, Treatment and Rehabilitation Center will divert these individuals from being set to jail or our hospitals which is costly to the taxpayers, causes over crowd our healthcare facilities, while ensuring everyone in need of assistance gets the necessary care.

“Some of the unfortunate side effects of the pandemic was the spike in mental health related issues and suicides,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick. “It has become evident, now more than ever, the need to help fill a longstanding void in our mental health system for those to have mental illnesses and in need of treatment. As the co-chair of the Bipartisan Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Task Force in Congress, I am actively working to find constructive solutions to one of our Nation’s most pressing issues: addiction and mental health which is why I am proud to be an advocate for the Bucks County Forensic Diversion, Treatment, and Rehabilitation Facility.”

“This grant will make this life-changing project possible,” said Commissioner Diane Ellis-Marseglia. “This facility will enable police to have a safe and healing place to take people presenting serious mental health behavior instead of jail.”

“Bucks County is finding ways to keep people with mental illness out of jails,” said Administrator of Mental Health/Developmental Programs Donna Duffy-Bell. “We are grateful for this grant which will be of significant help in our realizing this vision.”

The Bucks County Department of Behavioral Health/Developmental Programs is responsible for the administration of services to Bucks County residents who are diagnosed with mental illness, substance use disorder, intellectual disability or developmental delay/disability, and their families.  The purpose of these services is to help individuals live in the community and participate in community life.