Fitzpatrick Unveils Bipartisan Jobs Plan

'An America That Works: A common-sense plan to empower American businesses & support American workers'

October 19, 2017

BENSALEM, PA – Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick delivered a major address Thursday morning at the Lower Bucks Chamber of Commerce where he discussed the current state of the U.S. economy and unveiled his plan the empower American businesses and support American workers. The legislative agenda, ‘An America That Works: A common-sense plan to empower American businesses & support American workers,outlines measures Fitzpatrick has introduced or supported aimed at increasing economic opportunity.

“For too long, top-down policies from Washington have built a system that is based on protecting the status quo, not addressing the concerns of small business owners or workers here in Lower Bucks County, or millions of Americans stuck in place as the 21st Century economy leaves them behind,” said Fitzpatrick. “If we want to address these issues and return to an economy that supports and advances the American Dream that is the foundation of places like my hometown of Levittown, we need to embrace a governing vision that put jobs, education and economic growth above the partisanship that too often divides us. That’s what my plan does, by focusing on what we know works.”

Among the issues highlighted by Fitzpatrick in his speech and accompanying plan were the need to update apprenticeship and workforce training programs to close the skills gap, efforts to reform Washington’s broken 70,000 page tax code to encourage middle class growth and small business investment, and his recently introduced Made in America Act – legislation which would connect American consumers to American manufacturers like never before by creating a definitive, standardized definition of American-made goods.

“The positive impact of strong, sustained economic growth has the potential to not only grow small businesses and help families make ends meet, but also address the many other pressures we face,” added Fitzpatrick. “In Congress, I’m working with leaders of both parties to put politics aside and do what we were sent to Washington, D.C. to do: stand up for hardworking families and unleash the power of the American economy. ‘An America That Works’ is a playbook for this Congress to empower American businesses and support American workers.”


You can read/download the entire plan at: