Fitzpatrick to Colleagues: Now that the Government is Re-Opened, Return Your Pay

‘No Budget, No Pay’: Rep. to Return Shutdown Salary to Treasury; Demands Colleagues to do the Same

January 22, 2018

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08) released the following statement Monday regarding the passage of legislation funding the government through February 8th:

“Today’s end to the unacceptable three-day government shutdown should serve as notice to the extreme partisans who allowed their rigid ideology to stand in the way of logical, bipartisan compromise:  The American people want bipartisan problem solvers, not uncompromising partisan politicians.  Congress must move past the era of short-term, stop-gap continuing resolutions and pass a fully funded budget that addresses our nation’s critical priorities.  Moreover, Congress must stop setting the dangerous precedent of shutting down the government and refusing to fund the government over non-budgetary items.  And finally, members of both parties need to come to the table, in a bipartisan fashion, to address the critical challenges facing our country, including border security and immigration reform. Congress should follow the example of the manner in which the American people run their businesses and manage their families:  lead by example to build consensus and solve problems in a dignified, honorable manner. I look forward to being deeply involved in these discussions as a member of the Problem Solvers Caucus. The American people – Democrats, Republicans and everyone in between – deserve nothing less. I will continue to push my bold, bipartisan reform agenda, to include term limits, ‘No Budget, No Pay’, a balanced budget amendment and more. These are the common sense American principals that will save our country.”

Fitzpatrick is the author of No Budget, No Pay a constitutional amendment (H.J.res. 9) preventing members of Congress from being paid unless a budget is passed. During this budget impasse, he led by example, refusing pay and returning his shutdown salary back to the U.S. Treasury.