WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-08), a former FBI Supervisory Special Agent and the only FBI agent serving in Congress, released the following statement Friday:

"The American people deserve honesty and transparency from their government at all times. Today’s release of the HPSCI’s majority memo is a step in that direction. I also believe the minority memo, which was made available to Members of Congress, should be similarly vetted and released. As I’ve said: this majority memo raises more questions than answers. As the only former FBI Special Agent serving in Congress, I am an eyewitness the fact that the women and men of the FBI are some of the finest law enforcement professionals in the world.  We must not judge an entire institution due to the actions of a few bad actors.  The correct solution is to expose those bad actors, identify them by name, make public their bad conduct, and deal with them appropriately. I urge all of my colleagues on both sides to recognize that a critical element to a successful investigation is public confidence in the integrity of that investigation. Let the facts be revealed in a manner that is consistent with our national security interests, and let all viewpoints of those facts be heard. End the politics; stick to the facts and to the truth. Then, let the American people be the judge.”