Fitzpatrick, Watson Coleman, Boyle Announce Increase in Funding for Protection of the Delaware River Basin

House Interior Appropriations Legislation to include $10 Million for restoration and preservation

May 21, 2019

Today, Reps. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), Bonnie Watson Coleman (NJ-12), and Brendan Boyle (PA-02) announced the inclusion of $10 million for the Delaware River Basin in the Interior and Environment Appropriations bill. The funds will support the river’s continuing recovery from pollution and degradation and conserve a critical economic engine, wildlife habitat, and recreational feature for the region.

“I am proud we were able to work together to deliver these critical funds for the Delaware River Basin Restoration Program which will help our community protect our drinking water,” said Fitzpatrick. “We must all take steps to protect our environment and use American innovation to improve environmental policies and encourage better environmental stewardship so the Basin can continue to help our community thrive for generations to come.”

“The Delaware River is a vital feature of our region, something that New Jersey, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania have all come together to protect,” said Watson Coleman. “This funding represents an important investment in our environment, a step toward protecting our natural resources, and a tool to reverse the impact of various manmade threats to the river.”

“I’m thrilled the Appropriations Committee has agreed to my request that it fund the Delaware River Restoration Program,” said Boyle. “The Delaware River is an ecological gem and economic engine for Philadelphia and across the Mid-Atlantic. As the basin recovers from decades of degradation, we must make a concerted effort to protect and enhance it so it can be fully utilized today and for generations to come. I was proud to lead the effort to create the Delaware River Restoration Program and I am proud to lead the fight to ensure its potential is fully realized through sound investment.”

The fiscal year 2020 Interior and Environment Appropriations bill sets funding for agencies including the Department of the Interior and the Environmental Protection Agency.