LANGHORNE, PA—Yesterday, May 12th, 2020, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) sent a letter to Speaker Pelosi and Republican Leader McCarthy highlighting solutions for dental practices and other medical professionals struggling during the coronavirus pandemic. Fitzpatrick noted the need for enhancements to the Payment Protection Program (PPP), a potential tax solution, and the need for those dental practices that serve the less fortunate.

Fitzpatrick previously sent a bipartisan letter on May 6th to congressional leadership seeking relief for medical practices that focus on elective procedures that may not be eligible for relief through PPP.

Fitzpatrick will continue to advocate for relief for all healthcare workers during this pandemic.

May 12, 2020

Dear Speaker Pelosi and Leader McCarthy:                                  

I write to bring to your attention the impacts that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on dental practices and note possible solutions that should be included in the next relief bill. Many dentists in my district are struggling during this pandemic, and their practices will need continued support in the next relief package.

Dental care is essential healthcare, yet I understand that many practices have closed with others only treating emergency cases. Dentistry is not reimbursed under Medicare, so most practices do not have as much financial liquidity as physician practices.

Many dental practices have received Paycheck Protection Program funds (PPP) and will likely need additional support from this program. I would also like to see practices be permitted to deduct their losses for tax purposes by carrying the loss forward to a future tax year. This kind of relief will enable practices to offset future profits with this year’s losses, which would provide financial relief for constituents in my district as their practices recover over the next few years.

Since dental care is a social determinant of overall health, assistance for those that treat underserved populations is critically needed. Increasing the availability of dental care as an offset to the high cost of care and lack of insurance should be a priority. Dental practices will also need resources to address unmet and delays in care because of the pandemic.

I appreciate your attention to this request and for taking into consideration the concerns of the dental practices across my district. Please contact my office (215-579-8102) if you have any questions regarding this letter. 


Brian Fitzpatrick

Member of Congress