WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) released the following statement following the House vote on the Build Back Better Act:

“The bipartisan physical infrastructure bill that was recently signed into law illustrated our ability to come together in a bipartisan manner, engage in meaningful, deliberative negotiation, and achieve meaningful results for our constituents by investing in our roads, bridges, and transportation systems.

Regrettably, instead of coming to the table to negotiate on the social spending reconciliation package, House Democratic leadership decided to take the completely opposite approach when they hastily forced Build Back Better through the House on a totally partisan vote. We need two-party solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems. At a time when our sights should be set on tackling skyrocketing inflation, workforce shortages, supply chain disruptions, and economic competitiveness with adversaries like Communist China, this untargeted spending plan will add hundreds of billions of dollars to our national debt, pass along the cost of this deficit spending on working families through the hidden tax of inflation, while providing tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, and hurting American competitiveness abroad.”