WASHINGTON, D.C. – Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) released the following statement following the passage of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act:

“With the House passage of the historic Bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, we are one step closer to fixing our nation’s crumbling physical infrastructure. This is a victory for not only the people of Pennsylvania, but for the entire country. 

The federal government has created the crisis of deteriorating roads, defunct bridges, and vulnerable dams and levees through its inaction. These types of arteries are the lifeblood of American commerce and must be improved. America’s infrastructure has reached a breaking point, and this is a challenge we can no longer ignore. 

From the start, I have insisted on the passage of a hard infrastructure bill, delinked from any other partisan, social spending package. This bipartisan, physical infrastructure bill, which passed the Senate in August with strong Republican support, is entirely separate from the partisan reconciliation bill, which I oppose.

The bipartisan infrastructure package is completely paid for, primarily by unspent COVID-19 relief funds, and will create a dedicated funding stream for our nation’s infrastructure network. I look forward to the President signing this landmark physical infrastructure legislation into law, so that we can bring America’s infrastructure network into the 21st century, create jobs, and improve the health and safety of the American people.”