WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the Problem Solvers Caucus sent a letter to President Joe Biden, delivering the Caucus's bipartisan priority agenda for the 117th Congress. They explained how Problem Solvers Caucus members welcome a constructive discussion with the President regarding key opportunities for bipartisan cooperation and solutions.

The Problem Solvers Caucus's 117th Congress Priority Agenda includes eleven issue areas identified as ones that merit bipartisan, bicameral work. 

"This Congress, we are looking to take on some of the biggest issues and challenges facing our nation. These issues transcend political parties, and it is time to reach across the aisle in the spirit of bipartisanship and take them on together, " said Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01), Problem Solvers Caucus Vice-Chair. "We must build bridges at a time when too many are trying to burn them.  We must unite to solve problems with bipartisan, centrist solutions that will deliver real results to the American people. Together, we are most successful, and together, we can best serve the citizens of our nation."

"With a narrowly divided House and Senate, our Caucus will continue to work closely, across the aisle, and with both Chambers, to tackle some of our country's toughest challenges and opportunities," said the Problem Solvers Co-Chairs. "This critical effort will require bipartisan consensus and respectful collaboration to help pass legislation that will endure in the years ahead."

The full text of the letter is available here.

"You wouldn't know it from cable news," said Rep. Dean Phillips (MN-03), Problem Solvers Caucus Vice-Chair, "but more often than not, Democrats, Republicans, and Independents agree on the core issues that affect our country. We agree that our infrastructure should be the best in the world, that health care costs are out of control, and that a healthy economy means prosperous businesses and rising wages. The Problem Solvers Caucus thrives because it recognizes that bipartisanship doesn't come from Congress—it comes from the American people. With President Biden's help, we can fulfill that mandate, find common ground, and inspire a new era of collaboration in Washington."

"The Problem Solvers Caucus has proven its effectiveness and focus on getting things done," said Rep. Dusty Johnson (SD-AL), Problem Solvers Caucus Whip. "I hope the Biden Administration will prioritize working at a bipartisan level to produce the best results for the American people."

"We saw last year with the COVID relief bill how the Problem Solvers can break through congressional logjams and get results. These areas outlined in our letter show the President and his team our commitment to finding solutions to the challenges facing America. I look forward to finding some much needed consensus on policies that move this nation forward," said Rep. Kurt Schrader (OR-05)

"The Problem Solvers Caucus stands ready to promote a bipartisan agenda to move our country forward under the leadership of President Biden. There is common ground to be found among members of Congress who put country before party," said Rep. Tom Suozzi (NY-03), Problem Solvers Caucus Vice-Chair.

"I rose my hand and pledged to work with President Biden and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to come together, bridge divisions, and focus on solutions to help the millions who are still struggling at the hands of this vicious virus," said Rep. Fred Upton (MI-06), Problem Solvers Caucus Vice-Chair. "The Problem Solvers Caucus has laid out an ambitious agenda. Let's get to work."

“As our nation continues to battle COVID-19 and works to rebuild our economy, Congress and the administration have an opportunity to forge a bipartisan path forward on many major items that have long awaited progress,” said Rep. Abigail Spanberger (VA-07), Problem Solvers Caucus Vice Chair. “In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to working with the Biden Administration on strengthening our infrastructure, defeating the virus, and expanding broadband internet across rural America. Additionally, I am encouraged that the Members of the Problem Solvers Caucus remain focused on increasing workforce development opportunities, lowering the cost of prescription drugs, and addressing the national security threat presented by the climate crisis — all priorities of Central Virginians.”

"I'm proud to be a part of the Problems Solvers Caucus to break through the gridlock of today's politics and find commonsense solutions across both chambers," said Rep. Andrew Garbarino (NY-02). "This caucus welcomes a bipartisan discussion with President Biden to tackle the problems facing our nation in order to deliver real results for the American people." 

"Americans deserve a good-faith effort from their elected officials to work together to solve the challenges facing our communities and our nation as a whole," said Rep. Dave Joyce (OH-14). "These unprecedented times have been tough, but they've given us a unique opportunity to create much-needed bipartisan solutions. Those of us on the Problem Solvers Caucus stand ready to put aside the red team versus blue team mentality and build a bipartisan consensus between Congress and the White House to effectively tackle both current challenges and the ones that lie ahead."

"No great accomplishment in American history – the winning of a war, emerging from an economic downturn, landing a man on the moon – was achieved purely along partisan lines. As we look to tackle climate, infrastructure, immigration, our national debt, and the crises of COVID-19, Republicans and Democrats must find common ground. Our nation's most pressing issues require long-term, sweeping solutions that everyone can support. Now is the time for unity, and I look forward to working across the aisle to create a more prosperous future for all Americans," said Rep. Scott Peters (CA-52).

Rep. Dan Meuser (PA-09) said, "Over the past year, Congress has delivered bipartisan solutions to address the serious challenges facing our nation. In the 117th Congress, I hope that President Biden will work with Republicans on legislation that is in the best interest of the American people, not just special interest groups. We should be united in supporting our economic recovery, getting our kids back to school, and ensuring the efficient distribution of vaccines."

“President Biden has always been a champion for bipartisanship, and we look forward to working with him as we continue to pursue policies on which both Democrats and Republicans can find common ground,” said Rep. Susie Lee (NV-03). “With a narrowly divided House and Senate, the Problem Solvers Caucus will undoubtedly have a crucial role to play as we work to pass legislation to address some of the most pressing issues of our time.”

"President Biden campaigned on his willingness to work across the aisle. This is the President's chance to fulfill that promise and prioritize the needs of the American people above the partisan wishlist of his own party. As a Member of the Problem Solvers Caucus, I look forward to working on commonsense legislation that puts my constituents and the American people first," said Rep. Van Taylor (TX-03).

"I came to Congress to cut through the partisan gridlock and get things done for my constituents," said Rep. Young Kim (CA-39). The only way we can get big things done in Congress is by working together, which is why I'm proud to come together with Problem Solvers Caucus to find real solutions on important issues such as supporting our small businesses and economy, providing targeted, commonsense relief during COVID-19, securing our border, fixing our broken immigration system and updating our infrastructure. I look forward to working with my colleagues – Republican and Democrat – to bring meaningful results for the American people." 


The Problem Solvers Caucus is a bipartisan group in Congress comprised of 56 members – equally divided between Democrats and Republicans – who are committed to forging bipartisan cooperation on key issues.