WASHINGTON, D.C. - Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) and Congressman Brendan F. Boyle (PA-02) re-introduced a piece of legislation today that could temporarily remove exceptions that block Institutions of Mental Disease (IMD) from getting Medicaid support. The federal government does not currently allocate federal Medicaid funding to states for these facilities and the services they render. Unless an IMD patient is 65 years or older, the individual cannot receive Medicaid coverage for services provided by the IMD even if they are Medicaid-eligible.

“Communities across our country were struggling with the ever-growing mental health epidemic prior to COVID, and the effects of the pandemic have only exponentially increased these struggles. Since first coming to Congress, I have prioritized access to care issues stemming from the IMD Exclusion. Now, more than ever, it is imperative we ensure all citizens have the opportunity to receive the care they need and deserve,” said Rep. Fitzpatrick. “I am proud to partner with my good friend Congressman Boyle in our joint mission to increase access to crucial support to the millions of those struggling in our country."

“The coronavirus pandemic presents a public health crisis that stresses our entire health care system as a whole,” said Congressman Boyle. “Our norms have been upended and, instead of being comforted by typical support systems, many of us have been isolated at home. This bill will help those with mental health, behavioral health, and substance use disorders get the necessary treatments they need, especially during this time of isolation and helplessness. It is compassionate bipartisan legislation ensuring that in addition to nationwide fiscal relief, we in Congress are also delivering hope, understanding and a path forward for our fellow Americans who need us, now more than ever.”