WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) released the following statement after the House’s vote to vacate the chair:

“The cause of bipartisanship, and the institution of Congress, took a major hit yesterday when a small group of extremists, aided and abetted by a larger group of enablers, put their personal grievances and political interests ahead of our country.  This Motion to Vacate was brought in retaliation for Speaker McCarthy bringing a bipartisan bill to the floor to save our country from a government shutdown,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick. “This is the type of leadership that should be rewarded.  Unfortunately, those who voted to vacate the chair voted to punish this brave bipartisan action to save us from a government shutdown.  Extremism and pragmatism are at war in America. The future of our country will depend on which one prevails. Yesterday, the House of Representatives fell woefully short of its responsibility to reward, not punish, bipartisan solutions that benefit our entire country.