WASHINGTON, DC – Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Rep. Donald Norcross (D-NJ) re-launched the Bipartisan Building Trades Caucus for the 118th Congress to advocate on behalf of the millions of men and women in the construction industry.

The Bipartisan Building Trades Caucus brings members of Congress together to discuss the issues that impact the construction industry. The caucus will work to expand opportunities to apprenticeship and job training programs across the country, while supporting and protecting workers in the building trades.

“I’m proud to launch the bipartisan Congressional Building Trades Caucus in partnership with Rep. Norcross to work on the issues facing our workers in the building trades and their families,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick. “In this 118th Congress, it is critical that we continue to invest in workforce development programs like apprenticeships, strengthen protections for the workplace, and improve the standard of living and accessibility of benefits for all working families. I look forward to working with Members from both sides on the aisle on solutions to these and many other issues within our caucus.”

The caucus will also focus on closing the skills gap, creating good-paying jobs, ensuring economic security, and strengthening pathways to the middle class.

“As someone who began their career on construction sites, I am proud to re-launch the Bipartisan Building Trades Caucus and continue to be a voice in Congress for the hardworking men and women who build our nation. An American-made economy begins with American workers, and our caucus will work to expand opportunities and pathways for middle class families,” Rep. Norcross said. “Having gone from the construction site to congress, I know firsthand the value of working with your hands and the need to continue to grow and train this critical workforce. I look forward to working with fellow co-chair Rep. Fitzpatrick and my colleagues on both sides of the aisle to find common sense solutions that will support our workers, prioritize an American-made economy, and prepare our workforce for the future.”

"We are excited about today's launch of the Bipartisan Building Trades Caucus. With the recent passage of historic laws creating record amounts of infrastructure jobs for skilled trades professionals, it's never been more important for Members of Congress to come together to advance and protect policies impacting the next infrastructure generation. We applaud the bipartisan founders of this caucus and invite more members to join them in fighting for building trades working families," said Sean McGarvey, President of North America's Building Trades Unions.

In addition to the re-launch of the caucus, co-chairs Rep. Fitzpatrick and Rep. Norcross also introduced the Apprenticeship Hubs Across America Act to expand registered apprenticeship opportunities and support job training programs across the country.

The legislation will establish new efforts in the Department of Labor to grow and expand highly successful registered apprenticeships, creating hubs throughout the United States. The bill also allows the Department of Labor to market and promote the programs.