WASHINGTON, DC – “We must always remember the basic precepts of our U.S. justice system:

  • No one is above the law or beyond prosecution, regardless of their status, position or affiliation. 
  • No one is beneath the law and no one should be targeted for prosecution merely because of their status, position or affiliation.
  • Both in perception and in reality, the law must always be applied equally and enforced equally to all citizens, regardless of their status, position or affiliation.  ‘Rules for thee but not for me’ is antithetical to the precepts of the U.S. justice system.   

In the matters involving both the indictment of Former President Trump and the ongoing Special Counsel investigation into President Biden, both involving the handling of classified documents, we will quickly learn whether these precepts have been honored, or whether they have been violated.

As both legal processes run their course, it is my hope that political and community leaders in our nation lower the temperature of the rhetoric, refrain from intentionally inflaming societal divisions, and remain committed to preserving trust in the core values of our shared American justice system.”