WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) and Congressman Mike Quigley (IL-05), co-chairs of the Congressional Ukraine Caucus, introduced the Partnership and Cooperative Transparency (PACT) with Ukraine Act to further strengthen the longstanding partnership between the United States and Ukraine, and establish a Special Envoy tasked with strengthening the US-Ukrainian relationship while giving the American people transparency with respect to the aid we give Ukraine.

“The Ukrainian people have demonstrated their bravery, resolve, and resilience in the face of Russia’s unprovoked invasion and continued brutal occupation of their sovereign homeland. As co-chair of the Congressional Ukraine Congress, I remain committed to ensuring that the Biden Administration and Congress, on behalf of the United States and alongside our NATO allies, provides Ukraine with everything they need to win this war,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick. “Our bipartisan PACT with Ukraine Act will ensure that our relationship with the Ukrainians is strengthened and that the Administration’s delivery of critical financial and material aid to Ukraine is accounted for and streamlined.”

“The United States has continued to lead the world in delivering critical aid to Ukraine. While there are processes in place to ensure the tracking and monitoring of this aid, oversight mechanisms can always be strengthened,” said Congressman Quigley. “I am a firm believer in open, transparent government and those same principles extend to our financial commitments – including partnerships with our allies.  Ultimately, this bill will serve to fortify the U.S.-Ukraine relationship and improve our ability to deliver critical aid quickly and effectively.”

"The PACT with Ukraine Act is an important piece of legislation which reflects the strong bipartisan support in Congress for Ukrainian victory,” said Mariya Soroka, Co-Founder and Director of Advocacy, Razom for Ukraine. ”This important legislation would ensure that the Executive Branch provides Ukraine with the weapons and materials it needs in a timely and effective manner. It will strengthen the reconstruction of Ukraine and help the United States bring private and international resources to bolster the rebuilding process which Ukraine is already engaged in."

Read the text of the bill HERE.