WASHINGTON, DC - Today, July 3, 2023, Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick communicated to Secretary Pete Buttigieg that, during the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) review of the TTN master plan, to include scrutinizing the inequitable flight patterns that are unfairly and adversely affecting our Bucks County residents, that any Project Labor Agreements entered into by our local labor unions be protected, that our unions not be adversely impacted in any way, and that our union jobs at TTN be protected.  

“I’ve communicated to the U.S. Department of Transportation, in no uncertain terms, that the FAA must comply with our request in a manner that in no way, shape or form impacts the PLAs and our local labor unions, who have nothing to do with the FAA’s failure to address the inequitable flight patterns and resulting environmental impacts that are adversely impacting our Bucks County residents,” said Congressman Fitzpatrick.  “The FAA must conduct their review of the master plan and provide their findings, and they must not use our labor unions as pawns in this process.  I unequivocally have the backs of our local labor unions, and I will make sure that their jobs are protected.”