WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) released the following statement on the Senate Bipartisan Border and Ukraine Supplemental and Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas Impeachment:

“I have witnessed firsthand the crisis at our southern border that has become a significant humanitarian and national security threat. Secretary Mayorkas has categorically failed in stemming the flow of illegal immigration at our border and worsened the situation on the ground by retreating from the Remain in Mexico policy and rigorous enforcement of 8 U.S.C 1325 and 1326.

At the same time, when our country is facing numerous challenges on the national security front both at home and abroad, it is totally unacceptable that House leadership and a group of “Always say No” Senators deemed the bipartisan Senate border security bill dead on arrival before even reading the bill.

When faced with such a dire national security threat on the border, in addition to raging wars in the Middle East and Europe, and the reality of our divided government, lawmakers must rise above partisan gamesmanship and come together to solve problems for the American people, when presented with the opportunity. This is what elected representatives are sent to Washington to do—to fix problems and make our country better.

We cannot play politics with our national security, when there are countless lives jeopardized each and every day due to the existing open border policies. We cannot wait until November and accept the status quo. The price of inaction is just too high, as fentanyl continues to flow across the border killing our fellow Americans and cartels exploit the porous border for criminal activity.

As the National Border Patrol Council, the official union representing the women and men on the frontlines of the crisis on our southern border, stated in its endorsement of the bipartisan border security package: “The Border Act of 2024 will codify into law authorities that U.S. Border Patrol agents never had in the past. This will allow us to remove single adults expeditiously and without a lengthy judicial review, which historically has required the release of these individuals into the interior of the United States. This alone will drop illegal border crossings nationwide and will allow a great many of our agents to get back to detecting and apprehending those who want to cross our borders illegally and evade apprehension. While not perfect, the Border Act of 2024 is a step in the right direction and is far better than the status quo…”

If we choose to do nothing, my colleagues are embracing the destructive status quo and risk the safety of our constituents. This “Never Get to Yes” mentality will cost lives. To not even consider the merits of the negotiated bipartisan Senate package nor propose meaningful amendments is the height of putting politics above all else. We must do better.”