WASHINGTON, DC – Representative Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-1) voted for both bipartisan appropriations packages for Fiscal Year 2024, which fully fund the federal government through September 30, 2024, and secured funding for key Pennsylvania priorities.

Through the Community Project Funding Request process for the 118th Congress, which was included in the Fiscal Year 2024 budget, Rep. Fitzpatrick secured support for 14 community projects in Pennsylvania’s First Congressional District.

“I am thrilled the community project funding I fought for was included in the House-passed bipartisan spending packages,” said Rep. Fitzpatrick. “These projects included programs that are vital to assisting organizations that serve our homeless population, modernize our water infrastructure, help local municipalities, and aid essential social services. This vitally important funding for our district will soon be delivered to address these essential needs across Bucks and Montgomery Counties. I look forward to working closely with all project sponsors to ensure these projects are carried out as efficiently as possible to help the residents who are in need of these programs and services.”

Rep. Fitzpatrick successfully secured more than $27.5 million in funding for 14 community projects that will directly benefit First District constituents:

Bensalem Township - Route 1 Corridor Revitalization Project

Amount of Received: $4,000,000

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this project is to revitalize and redevelop the Route 1 Corridor in Bensalem Township, which spans from the Philadelphia border to Middletown Township and the Neshaminy Creek. This project aims to combat trends of decline along this through well-managed public-private partnerships in this targeted area. Funding will be used to support development and redevelopment activities associated with properties located in the Route 1 Corridor including site preparation, infrastructure improvements, transportation improvements, demolition of necessary buildings, new construction, and adaptive reuse of existing buildings. This revitalization aims to benefit residents in the region by creating an environment that is safe, economically prosperous, and community oriented.

Big Brothers Big Sisters of Bucks County

Amount of Received: $635,000

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this funding is to support renovation, modernization, and expansion of facilities, as well as the creation of a mentoring hub which seeks to enhance the impact of Big Brothers Big Sisters programs and strengthen our community. The renovation will include addressing infrastructure needs, such as fire safety and plumbing, and construct new meeting space that can accommodate larger groups. The aim of this project is to benefit at-risk children who are in need of positive role models and mentorship programs, as well as the community overall.

Bristol Borough - Trenton Ave Streetscape and Sound Barrier Improvements

Amount of Received: $1,717,000

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this project is to upgrade the existing trail and streetscape along Trenton Avenue within Bristol Borough. The asphalt trail will be brought into compliance with Americans with Disabilities (ADA) standards and the proposed project includes construction of a transparent sound barrier between the residential neighborhood and the 4-rail Amtrak railroad corridor.

Bristol Township Senior Center

Amount of Received: $4,000,000

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this project is to create a healthy environment for senior citizens to receive professional services and engage in activities specifically designed for seniors at this public facility. Since the coronavirus pandemic began there is a need for new infrastructure at this facility to prevent, prepare for, and respond to the pandemic. This includes adding more rooms to achieve social distancing and providing new outdoor gathering spaces to have more meeting options to gather and assemble.

Bucks County Crisis Stabilization Center

Amount of Received: $1,000,000

Explanation of Request: This project will address the mental health and substance use disorder crisis in Bucks County. The Crisis Stabilization Center will serve people of all ages experiencing a mental health, co-occurring, or substance use crisis.  Once an individual arrives at the Stabilization Center, they will be treated holistically as their needs are triaged and evaluated.  Once stable, individuals will receive a warm hand-off to inpatient, forensic Residential Treatment, partial hospital or out-patient care, as well as recovery supports. The Stabilization Center will be prepared to initiate medication assisted treatment to anyone experiencing acute withdrawal symptoms from Opioids or alcohol. This center will be well integrated across clinical disciplines with separate areas for adults and children, accommodations for waiting family members, and a comfortable room for those waiting for a longer-term placement.

Family Service Association of Bucks County

Amount of Received: $2,900,00

Explanation of Request: This project involves constructing a new, two-story building adjacent to the current Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter, in addition to renovating the existing shelter. One story of the shelter expansion would be dedicated to programming such as on-site mental health treatment, substance use treatment, Housing-First case management, and nursing and wellness. The project would also allow for the shelter to double capacity, reducing waitlist barriers.

Horsham Water and Sewer Authority

Amount of Received: $4,000,000

Explanation of Request: This funding will support the Horsham Water & Sewer Authority Sanitary Sewer Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project to reduce the spread of PFAS contaminated groundwater. The purpose of this project is to perform approximately 20 miles of CIPP lining of sewers and laterals within the system above what is done annually. HWSA would prioritize the sewers by age, proximity to the military bases, and within low lying areas to ensure PFAS contaminated groundwater reduction.

Langhorne Manor Borough Stormwater Project

Amount of Received: $707,286

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this project is to reduce the sediment that is being discharged into the Neshaminy and Mill creeks. This project entails developing infiltration trenches along two borough roads, this will allow reduction and be minimally disruptive to residents.

Modernizing Bucks County Public Safety Programs

Amount of Received: $727,000

Explanation of Request: This project would ensure the modernization of Bucks County Emergency Services. It allows Bucks County Emergency Services to replace 5,100 portable radio batteries and chargers for every police, fire, and emergency medical service representing 117 departments. A significant portion of the equipment is approaching the end of its operational life. It also introduces body worn cameras to enhance officer-community relations and officer safety in their duties. This will extend the life of the radio equipment, lower the cost for the municipalities that rely on these agencies for critical life safety services, and provide more transparency in matters involving public safety.

Perkasie Borough

Amount of Received: $2,058,180

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this funding is to support the Park Avenue Stormwater and Pedestrian Improvements project. The aim of this project is to improve regional stormwater management along with the reconstruction of a portion of Park Avenue and the construction of a portion of the Liberty Bill Trail. The project proposes removing the “traditional” basin, re-grading the area to reclaim it for potential informal recreational use by the community, installing a new underground stormwater basin, and also to eliminate the spillway that had repeatedly failed and had been the cause of erosion along the steep embankment and causing flooding, icing, and significant degradation of the roadway.

September 11th National Memorial Trail

Amount of Received: $259,000

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this funding is to install signage on roads from the Flight 93 Memorial to Portland and from Washington Crossing to the Delaware border to complete a program of the Pennsylvania Commonwealth-wide signage project. This investment includes purchase of materials, installation, and completing approvals. The route goes through 25 counties and is the longest trail route in the Commonwealth. The trail is the newest federally legislated trail in the United States of America.

Tullytown Borough - Old Tullytown Revitalization Project

Amount of Received: $1,200,000

Explanation of Request: This project will provide infrastructure needed to support the revitalization of Old Tullytown Borough, including streetscaping along Main Street and the rehabilitation of the main municipal parking lot providing access to the borough ballfields, trails, parks, and playgrounds. Core components include parking lot reconstruction, street beautification upgrades including curb and sidewalk replacement, special lighting, trees, seating, and intersection upgrades (including ADA compliance). Access to the borough’s public amenities is crucial to efforts to increase economic activity and opportunities for residents and business owners.  Attractive and inviting streetscapes that provide a safely built environment for pedestrians will help spur local economic activity in the borough.

United Way - Healthy Eating and Living Partnership (HELP)

Amount of Received: $2,900,00

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this project is to develop a new and expanded physical site for the Healthy Eating and Living Partnership (HELP) Center to meet the current and growing needs of the community. The new site at 5301 Bristol Emilie Rd, Levittown, PA 19057 will be more than 18,500 square feet (130% larger than the current leased HELP Center). The HELP Center is a coordinated site, with partners from Bucks County Opportunity Council and St. Mary Medical Center providing services on-site alongside the United Way. This project will allow the HELP Center to grow existing services to serve more residents and improve current programs, spurring economic activity and growth.

Woods Services

Amount of Received: $1,400,000

Explanation of Request: The purpose of this funding is to support the development of affordable housing in Bucks County through the construction of a four-story building for low-income community members. The project will support individuals with an intellectual disability, autism, traumatic brain injury, and other disabilities, and people at risk of homelessness. The development will be located on Woods’ property, in close proximity to Woods’ health services campus, which is comprised of the Medical Center at Woods, Penn Dental Medicine at Woods, the Center for Autism, and the Center for Behavioral Health at Woods. This project will address the need for affordable housing in Bucks County that is safe, located near schools, and near transportation and jobs.