Water Resources Development Act 2022

Section 566 Authorization Increase

Project Name: Section 566 Authorization Increase

Project Location: Southeastern Pennsylvania

Congressional District: PA-01, PA-02, PA-03, PA-04, PA-05, PA-06, and PA-07

Project Sponsor: Brian K. Fitzpatrick

Requested Amount: $25,000,000

Project Summary: Section 566 has been an important tool for WRDA projects in Southeastern Pennsylvania particularly for wastewater treatment, water supply and related facilities and surface water resource protection. Future projects will need this program to have an increased authorization amount. When the section was signed into law in the 1996 WRDA it had an authorized appropriation amount of $25,000,000. After 2022 that amount will be nearly exhausted. Raising the authorization to $50,000,000 would mean another $25,000,000 being available under Section 566. USACE has expressed support for this increase.

Financial Disclosure Letter